Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vegan MoFo: Mac n Cheesie

Well, I did it!   After a prompting from Amy's post, I made Kittee's Mac n Cheesie Southern Style from Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian.  And it was good.  The only way I could keep us from gobbling it up immediately (and thereby not have any leftovers- a sin in my book), was to make a bunch of other accompanying dishes.  It worked!

We might not have a lot left, but two of us will get to enjoy leftovers!

This recipe was smokey and creamy and everything a mac and cheeze dish ought to be.  A winner!

I recommend buying a copy of Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian.  Every dish I've made from the booklet has been super tasty and wonderful.


  1. Yay! I am happy that you can enjoy some cheesie leftovers!

    1. Mac n Cheesie: breakfast of champions.

  2. I can see by the photo you didn't like it at all [wink-wink] ;)