Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegan MoFo: The Heart Cart

There's a new food cart pod in town (and near my house!) and it's now home to the gluten-free and vegan Heart Cart.  And guess what?  Tommasina has hooked up PDX MoFoers!

During Vegan MoFo, bloggers can get 1/2 off on an entree.  See the details here.

Onto the food.  Matt, Julian, Tommasina, and I had dinner at the cart last week.  

Tommasina ordered the Autumn Spice Curry.

Julian got the Valenzuelan Scramble.

Matt ordered the Chimichuri Fury.

And saving the best for last, I got the Country Gravy Waffle with Kale.  This one was seriously good.  I think everyone voted it as their favorite.  The waffle was crispy with a fantastic flavor (I opted for the rosemary & garlic waffle base instead of plain) and the gravy was both a little zingy and earthy.  This was perhaps my first savory waffle and what's not to love about mushrooms and kale on a waffle?

Now go get some xgfx (as Kittee would say) waffles and save some mulah!

*Heads up- The pod is super sweet with lovely sofas and a great ambiance.  However, there's a bonfire going at night, so if your sensitive to smoke, be warned!


  1. Was this cart previously downtown?? I think we went there awhile back, but the menu looks different.


    1. I think so. They were in a different location, I'm just not sure which. Their waffles are good, Kittee!

  2. That food looks great and the cart looks so cute!

  3. Yeah, I didn't know this was at Alberta street now. Sweet.

  4. Yay! Come visit me! It's right off Alberta and 11th Ave, behind the Grilled Cheese Cart.

  5. that savory waffle thing is the best idea ever.