Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vegan MoFo: Some good looking stuff!

Today's post is a little pictorial summary of a few of the Vegan MoFo posts that have caught my eye so far.  I've filed these recipes away to make, probably post-MoFo, but perhaps during!

Mama et de bebe hawk  made some beautiful pumpkin tamales.  I've never made tamales, but I sure do  love them, so I'm going to give this recipe a try!

Featured in an official Vegan MoFo Roundup, My Zoetrope's Sweet Potato Gnocchi dish looks yum yum yum.

Amy made a batch of Kittee's Mac and Cheezie over at TahiniToo.  How is it that I haven't made this dish yet?  This one is on my "to make this week" list.

Crispy Shitake Mushroom Bacon was sizzling over at Inspired Vegan Eats and hopefully will be sizzling in my house soon, too!

A creamy, thick mushroom soup in a bread bowl?  Oh yeah!  I saw this Vegan "Clam" Chowder over at Healthy Happy Life and I was kinda in love.

I'll end on a sweet note with another post from TahiniToo.  Just look at these Double Chocolate Crispy Treats!  I wish I could sink my teeth into one right now!

Is there another dish that I need to add to this list this MoFo season?  Tell me, tell me!


  1. Thanks for sharing my posts Amanda! I didn't even see the sweet potato gnocchi or shiitake mushroom bacon posts. They have made it to my to-do list for next week!!

  2. Day-ammmmmm MoFoers! I a) had missed every single one of those posts and b) am so floored by the sheer amount of vegan awesome. I want all of these. Now.

  3. Yuummm! Thanks for featuring me!

  4. These all look great. One of my new favorites is from this blog she has a strawberry pop tart recipe that looks soooo good.

    1. Oh yeah- I saw that one, too. So cute!

  5. Those are some beautiful pictures! I really need to improve my food photography!

  6. Pumpkin tamales sounds like a good idea!