Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vegan MoFo: Vietnamese fast food

Sometimes, as you're passing through a part of town you don't normally frequent, you serendipitous remember there's a great place to stop just around the corner.  Yesterday this was the case for me.  It had been a while since I visited Bui Natural Tofu, a great, authentic (if the Vietnamese customers are an indication) Vietnamese spot to pick up a whole bunch of good things.

On this particular occasion I decided to pick up:

A. Four freshly-prepared summer rolls with the lemongrass tofu that Bui makes from scratch and a sweet and spicy peanut sauce  (you can buy these at New Seasons, locally, but they're more expensive).  These rolls are so good.  I should have bought more.  I brought them home, ate two of them, and let the other three humans in the house share the remaining two rolls (after having a couple of bites from one).

B. One container of Bi Chay, which according to the internets can contain several ingredients.  I *think* this one had slivered tofu and potatoes, coated in a rice flour mixture, and fried.  I had the intention of rolling this up in some summer rolls, but ended up eating some of it out of the box with chopsticks.

C. And one container of coconut tapioca pudding with peanuts, mung beans, agar jelly things, and fungus.  I didn't care for the texture of the fungus with the other components, but otherwise this was tasty.

Now I'm thinking of errands I need to run in the general direction of Bui Natural Tofu.  My only concern is this: I need to research to find out if the soybeans are GMO-free.  Real bummer if not :(

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  1. I love Bui's! I wanna know about their soybeans as well, but I sorta don't wanna know, too. As for errands, you could always stop by Hanoi Kitchen and Knitten Kitten, too!!