Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Frosted Garden

It's winter and I, along with the other bees, have been less busy around the garden lately.

Crystalline fruit of the Nootka rose.

Today, however, I looked outside and was instantly inspired to leap out of bed, don my coat, grab my camera, and snap some photos of a rare Portland sight.  A crunchy walk through the crystalline garden offered an almost surreal experience.  Frost is really a neat thing, isn't it?

Foggy view from deck

We've had a few foggy days lately in the Pacific Northwest, and I've been walking around, feeling like I'm part of some fantastical movie, or at least that something fantastical is about to happen.  And I suppose it does.  The vibrant greens of Portland in the winter, including our infamous Douglas firs, paired with glimpses of snow-capped mountains on clear days and views of the city skyline are enough to make me giddy.

Okay enough gushing.  Good Dog; I love this city!

Forgotten spiders' webs reappeared today as icy formations.
Bristly Nootka rose looks especially neat with icicles as thorns.

Snowberry encased in ice.  How fitting.

My friend, Douglas meadowfoam, is preparing for its summer show.
Sword ferns and moss; keeping it green all winter.
The surprising evergreen-iocity of our deciduous Western azaleas.
A wild-collected Oregon grape. Such great color.