Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegan MoFo Day One!

Welcome, Mofies, to another year of Vegan MoFo!

My garden blog will be shifting gears for a little while.  During the month of October, you will find a new post about vegan food every day here.  While I have chosen to go theme-less this year, you can expect lots of dishes with ingredients from our garden.

This is my fourth year participating in Vegan MoFo and the third year that I'm lucky enough to be part of the amazing team of volunteer organizers.  This year, I'll be doing the Iron Chef Challenges over at .  Follow along, won'tchya?

Another exciting feature of MoFo this year is the arrival of my best friend, Tommasina.  She and her partner have decided to make Portland home, at least for a little while.  And they're staying with us as they get settled with jobs and a place to live.  This means lots of yummy homemade food is being created in our house!  Aaaand I persuaded them to blog along over at Kale Them With Kindness.  Go say hello!

Got beet juice?
Tommasina made fresh juice from the leftovers of the previous CSA box.  Cheers!

Emerson waited in vain for juice to spill.
To coincide with the arrival of my CSA box each week, Mondays will feature my fruit and veggie allotment.  So here it is:
The sunflower is actually from our garden, not the CSA.  Isn't it a monster!
Clockwise from the top left: 4 ears of corn, 1 delicata squash, 1 white onion, 2 tomatoes, 3 heads of cabbage, 2 zucchini, 2 apples, 3 purple plums, 7 white peaches, 5 red plums, 8 jalapenos, 2 green bell peppers, and 2 yellow squash.

I can't wait to read and comment along with the Vegan MoFo community!  Happy MoFo!


  1. hello!
    i really enjoyed that gigantic sunflower head of yours the other night. I have a thing for sunflowers, but i never got around to planting mine this year. do you remember what variety yours is? i want to put some in next summer.


    P.S. if you remove your spam captcha for the month, you'll get more comments!

  2. Thanks, Kittee! I didn't even know the comments were set that way.

    I'll have to have a look at the seed packets and get back to you. I seeded several varieties. This one sunflower was growing on the side of the house and I never watered it!

  3. I love your garden blog, Amanda! And hooray for encouraging more people to blog :D

  4. My eyes went right to the peaches. I just love peaches!

  5. That's an amazing spread of veggies.

  6. Also! What a happy picture with you and your friend at the top. Made me smile.

  7. Your friends are beautiful and the CSA shot is fantastic. I am excited about the MoFo and can't wait to see all of the blogs out there to explore!!! :)

    Happy Tuesday to you Amanda.

  8. You and Tommasina are simply radiant. Must be all those phytonutrients.