Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY birdbath (and gnome habitat)

It gets hot and very dry in the Pacific Northwest during the summer.   Wanting to help out the local wildlife, I decided setting up a birdbath would be a good thing.   I saw one at a local nursery that I liked, but the $80 price tag motivated me to put something together with materials I had on hand.

The glass "bowl" was a former light fixture from the guest room.  I plugged the hole with a cork I bought from the hardware store, stacked some stone discards from our retaining wall project, and voila!  A birdbath.

Around the birdbath I installed native Maianthemum dilatatum (flase lily of the valley) and a log left over from when we had the invasive laurel removed, on which I plan to install a few little ferns.
Wildlife has already taken up residence in this shady spot.
 Now that's gardening on the cheap!


  1. I LOVE this! I've been looking for a simple, cheap way to make a birdbath and you have the solution right here! Love the gnome, too! :)

    1. Super easy. I haven't spotted a bird, yet. They'll figure it out soon, no doubt, especially when it stops raining!