Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bloomin' Garden

Our first flowers of spring have appeared.  Everyday I like walking through the garden, taking a look at the progress made by our plants.  I snapped these photos yesterday.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Chocolate rhododendron: This is perhaps the only rhodie flower/foliage combination I like.  Matt and I picked this up from a neighbor who was having a plant sale.  Matt loves rhododendrons.  I prefer them without flowers.  I know, I'm strange.  (Update: It's possible this is not a chocolate rhododendron.  We got two rhodies from our neighbor, but I don't know which is which!)
2. Oregon grape: A native.  I know this is not a picture of the flower, but look at that color!
3. One of our plum trees: I'm hoping the other two are going to bloom soon.  Otherwise, no plums.
4. Red Flowering Currant: Another lovely native.  I can't wait until  our red flowering currants are mature.  I've spotted a few around town and they're spectacular this time of year.
5. Our neighbors' evergreen clematis

What do you have blooming in your garden now?


  1. I'm loving your new blog, Amanda! It makes me long for a garden of my own...someday. We do have a beautiful camellia bush blooming right now, as well as some freesia, and our rosemary bush has some lovely little purple flowers.

    1. Camelia's are lovely! I hope you'll have space/time for a garden at your new place!

  2. It looks lovely. I love the color of the oregon grape. I might not have a garden, but what I do have is water cress growing on my windowsill and some chili plants that are being pre-sewn. Also, I got small part of a BANANA plant from work today. That one will obviously live inside and wont carry any bananas, but I still like the thought and look of it.

    1. That's neat, Fanny! I've noticed a lot of banana trees around here too. The climate doesn't allow for them to actually bare fruit, but they're nice to look at!